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Prefecture of Thesprotia

                                                       Municipality of Acheron
Acheron River is the natural boarder with the prefecture of Preveza. Acheron is the river of myth and history. It is an eco-system of unique value that is also protected by the Nature Network 2000. It is not by accident that the myth wants the gods and the mortal to mingle forever in the flow of the river. The constantly raising at the global trend of ambulant tourism has turned the Municipality of Acheron and the river itself into a unique destination for the Greeks and the foreign visitors of the area. Here, you can meet all the forms of alternative tourism. One can enjoy the excellent quality of the regional cuisine under the shadow of the plane trees and the dewiness of the crystal and clear waters of the river.
                                                     Municipality of Igoumenitsa
It is the biggest municipality, as far as the population is concerned, of the Prefecture of Thesprotia, covering the area around the big bay of the city, reaching the outfalls of the Kalamas River. The cape Drepanos, blocks in a way the homonymous bay. The city disposes a modern port from which Egnatia Road starts.

Upon the Peninsula of Lagia, in the north of the bay of Igoumenitsa, takes place the castle of Rai Tower, a fortified settlement with walls of equal sructure, a colony of the Corfu people. Getting in the bay there is a small island, called Prasudi. According to a fable, it is the rock tat Cyclops Polyfimus threw against Ulysses, from his cave on the opposite mountain.

It is worthwhile for someone to visit the little spinney in the city. There one may see the ruins of a castle devastated in 1685 by the Venetian Morozini. Nowadays, Igoumenotsa is a modern developing city in the focal point of the economic developments of the area. It is also the seat of T.E.I. (Technological Schools) and a fabulous place for shopping, food and entertainment.
                                                   Municipality of Margariti
During the historic years, the area of the Municipality of Margariti is identified with the part of ancient Elina. Margariti, being the capital of the Municipality, was built by the Venetians Castle, old manor houses and a minaret of a mosque are preserved.
Furthermore, it is worthwhile visiting the marsh of Kalodiki, known as the lake with the water lilies, especially during the spring.
It is a protected biotope of unique beauty and magnitude. There is found a large alluvial plain with big citrus production.
                                                  Municipality of Paramithia
It is located between tow historic rivers, the Acheron and the Kalamas. It is built on the foothills of Gorila mount and produces an imposing image. In the past, it was a big intellectual and commercial center. During the antiquity the race of Elatis Thesprotia dwelled the largest part of the municipality presenting great heyday during the Hellenistic years. The political center of Elatis was Elea, which has been identified with a fortified position, eastward of the village Chrisavgi ( on the foothills of Gorila ), where polygon walls of 6m height are preserved in a good condition. Has been localized a theater, the place of Agora (market), a small temple and public buildings as well. From Paramithia, which was the seat of the municipality, in 1611 Dionysus the philosopher set off to occupy Ioannina and dissipate the Turks conquerors. Buildings are saved from the era of Turks until today. Within the town, the outstanding Byzantine temple of Madonna of Paramithia is saved. At the upper region of the town, the castle of Saint Donatos, a fortified settlement used again during the old-christianic period and “the Kulia”, a post-Byzantine tower prevail in a rather good condition. Today, Paramithia is a peaceful town, built with its view towards the homonymous plain surrounded by little pine forests. It is ratyer famous the commercial festival called “lambovo”, with takes place every year during the first week of October. The interchange of Neochori, the biotechnical park, he commercial center and the shape of Chotkova Lake create a developing potentiality for the whole region.
                                                            Municipality of Parapotamos
It is the smallest, in expanse, Municipality of the prefecture, being built on the foothills of Vasilikis hill ( Dulka ) and next to the Kalamas River ( Thiamis ). From this position, the settlement took its name meaning next to the river. The visitor can find out the walls of Doliani Castle “Fanoti” or the ruins of a small church from the Hellenistic period, near the village of Agios Georgios ( Saint George ). It is a developing area, while it has deep roots in its past.
                                                           Municipality of Sagiada
It is the most north-western Municipality of the mainland of Greece, occupying the sea-side in the north side of the old outfalls of the Kalamas River, reaching the Greek-Albanian border line. It is well known for its fishing resources, while the fish-farming has a great development for the porgies and the bass fish.
One must not pass through this region, without tasting little mullets roasted on the grill and shrimp at the taverns in “Skaloma”, the sea side of Sagiada. Here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of Greece. Today, the works of substructure of the “Border Network” (Border Station, Mavromati Customs and the improvement of the port of Sagiada) make Sagiada an important entry for the development of the relationships with our neighboring, Albania. What is more, the construction of medicinal baths gets on rather quickly.
                                                          Municipality of Syvota
Syvota is a pole attraction for the visitors from all over the world.  It is gifted by the nature and it can be unforgettable to everyone.  Syvota has developed tourism in a great degree, having astonishing and cool beaches and green islets towards the entry of the bay.  The marinas of Syvota and Plataria have the potentiality to accommodate small crafts, contributin even more to the area development.  There are also picturesque villages, such as Faskomilia, Argyrotopos and Polyneri, which are interesting destinations for every visitor.
                                                       Municipality of Filiates
Its is the biggest in expansion municipality of the prefecture of Thesprotia with Filiates being its seat. People are hospitable and they welcome happily the visitor to the live festivals during the summer. It is a region in a virgin nature, full of light and different colours among the Seasons Here the mountains, the rivers and the paths grant to the visitor a unique experience, accompanied by the (intense) perfume of the saga, the thyme, the linden. Towards the end of the 4th century B.C the ancient city of Gitani is founded, the capital of “the Commune of Thesprotia People” in a naturally fortified position, surrounded by the Kalamas Riverto the most of its place. Polygon walls have been saved and the excavation search has revealed an arcade in the village of the ancient market place, public buildings, a small temple and a part of a stony Theatre of the city the capacity of which was 5.500 seats. The Holly Monastery of Giromeri, founded by Saint Nilos the Erihiotis at the beginning of the 14th century and the Holy monastery of Kamitsiani ( 1613 ) constitute the most significant ecclesiastical monuments of the region. Story houses, pavement roods, old bridges, doors, faucets are preserved at the traditional settlements ( Plesio, Finiki, Giromeri, Faneromeni, Sideri, Tsmadas ) until today. All of them are brilliant specimens of the Post – Byzantine architecture.
                                                       Community of Perdika
It is an important touristic destination of this region having some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece ( Karavostasi, Arillas, and saint Paraskevi ). During the Antiquity, it was a part ancient Elina, as Dimocastro confirms, a fortified settlement in the south of Karavostasi beach. The villager is built on a plateau with a magnificent view of the Ionian Sea and Corfu. It is a great example of the touristic development. Except for the beaches, it is worthwhile visiting the Entertainment Park of the Community, the paved square, the theatre, the folklore art museum, while one can taste the traditional cuisine in the local small taverns.
                                                     Community of Souli
The Community of Souli is one of the most mountainous regions of Thesprotia. The gaze of the visitor is captured by the wild beauty. The historic elements are obvious if one sees the Kiafa Castle. Kugi, the place where the monk Samuel was sacrificed, the shafts that people used to get water, the path leading to the springs of the Acheron River, the church of Saint Dimitrios, the “stair way of Tzavelena”, the path of Souliotes. There are stony mountains and the land of Souli is rather rough. The scenery is austere, chaste and Doric.